Monday, September 2, 2013

CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit with Screen and Cover

CobraCo SH101 Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit with Screen and Cover

Add a touch of warmth to your garden or patio with the CobraCo Hand-Hammered Solid Copper Fire Tub. The tub is extra deep so that you can enjoy bigger fires that will last for hours. The tub comes complete with a mesh protective screen for safety and a vinyl storage cover that protects the fire pit from water and debris.Hand-Hammered
Solid Copper Fire Tub
At a Glance:
Freestanding fire tub is sturdy and portable

Large copper tub for longer-lasting fires

Hand-hammered, 100% copper tub weathers naturally from fires and environment

Protective wire screen and vinyl storage cover included
Extra-deep, hand-hammered copper tub for large, cozy fires in any outdoor setting. View larger.
Vinyl storage cover protects fire pit from water and debris. View larger.Large, Deep Copper Tub for Longer-Lasting Fires
This hand-hammered copper fire tub is extra deep for larger, longer-lasting fires that will keep burning all night. The copper fire tub rests in a durable black wrought iron stand, offering a cozy, traditional styling to any outdoor setting.The tub is made of 100 percent copper, and will be naturally affected by heat from burning fires to create a rustic look. This weathered appearance blends seamlessly with other outdoor elements for a harmonious authenticity that won't harm the fire tub.Freestanding Fire Tub Can Be Taken Anywhere
The CobraCo Copper Fire Tub is fully portable, so you can place it wherever you want around your yard, garden, or patio. Bring it along to a friend's house, the park, or on camping trips. It measures 30 inches in diameter, making it perfect for large or small gatherings. The Copper Fire Tub is 19 inches high with the cover, 11-3/4 inches without it.Years of Safe and Easy Use
This fire tub comes with a heavy-duty wire mesh screen cover complete with handle that is finished with high temperature paint. This way you can enjoy a hearty fire without worrying about flying sparks or embers. To clean the tub, simply lift it up and tilt the ashes into a trash container.The included vinyl cover features an elastic stretch band that holds the cover securely on the fire tub to protect it from snow, rain, and leaves. It also makes transporting the fire tub easy. The tub requires no assembly; simply take it out of the box, set the tub in the frame, and you're ready for your first fire. The copper tub and sturdy wrought iron stand are designed to last.Remember to always check with the local township authorities on fire pit guidelines. Never use a fire pit indoors, on a wood deck, or other flammable surfaces such as dried grass or leaves.What's in the Box
Fire tub, stand, screen cover, and vinyl cover.

  • Extra deep tub for larger and longer lasting fire
  • Sturdy metal construction, contemporary stand design
  • Contemporary sturdy metal stand
  • Un-coated to provide a rustic texture and charm
  • Includes heavy duty screen cover and protective vinyl cover with elastic stretch band to hold cover securely on fire tub and prevent rain or leaves from entering

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